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Student Services

Learning Support Services

Learning support services at the Fayette County Career and Technical Institute are provided for students by Learning Facilitators. FCCTI and the sending school districts work together to set up the appropriate services for aa student to be successful in their program of study.

We encourage students participation in meetings to plan for the training provided by FCCTI and the transition into the world of work, post-secondary training or the military.

For any question regarding support services please one of the learning facilitator below.

Rachel Bozek                           rbozek@fayettecti.org   724-437-2721 Ext. 214                                  

Barber, Cosmetology, Health Occupations

Jared Rebick                           jrebick@fayettecti.org   724-437-2721 Ext. 231

Agriculture, Building Construction, Diesel Mechanics, Information Technology, Welding I

Linda Giannopoulos                lgiannopoulos@fayettecti.org 724-437-2721 Ext. 213

Advanced Manufacturing, Culinary Arts, Electrical Construction, Graphic Arts, Machine Production

Amanda Smouse                      asmouse@fayettecti.org 724-4437-2721 Ext. 203

Auto Body, Auto Mechanics, HVAC, Masonry, Welding II