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Building Construction

Building Construction

Would you like to be a Maintenance Mechanic, Construction Worker, Drywall Installer, Groundskeeper, or Building Maintenance Supervisor?

To keep a building in proper running condition, a qualified facility supervisor needs to be knowledgeable in a variety of trade areas. Students in our Building Trades Program become skilled in the installation, repair, and maintenance of the structural and operating systems in schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, hotels, and manufacturing plants.

Because Building Trades students develop broad-based skills, they have multiple career options. This includes employment in one of the many construction trades. Prospective students should possess mechanical aptitude, manual dexterity, physical strength and stamina, and good math skills.

Building Construction is NCCER (The National Center for Construction Education and Research) certified as well the instructor and the curriculum. NCCER is a national recognized certification in the construction trades. Students can gain certification at four levels.  Click here for Building Construction’s Program Guide. –  Coming Soon

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