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Are you interested in High-Rise Construction, Power Plant Worker, Welding Inspector, Ship & Oil Rig Construction, Production Welding, or Heavy Equipment Maintenance and Repair?

Skilled welders are in great demand. The Welding Program is designed to educate students to their highest level of competency in the welding field. Any student who works well with their hands, enjoys creating objects and taking pride in accomplishing tasks from their own talents should enjoy welding and working with metals. Upon completion of the three year program, the student will be able to enter the job market with a completers welding certificate, listing all phases of welding they have accomplished. They have an opportunity to enter welding contests sponsored by the American Welding Society and SkillsUSA, and earn a welder’s certification. Students who are motivated, have good hand-eye coordination, good vision, and basic math skills should succeed in this program.

Welding is NCCER (The National Center for Construction Education and Research) certified as well the instructor and the curriculum. NCCER is a national recognized certification in the construction trades. Students can gain certification at four levels. Please click the link below to get detailed information.

Click here for Welding’s Program Guide. – Coming Soon!

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