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Electrical Construction

Electrical Construction

Are you interested in a job as a Service Technician, Utility Person, Electrical Engineer, Electrical Contractor, or Electrician?

If a supercharged career is what your looking for, then Electrical Construction might spark your interests. From layout and assembly to installation, testing and maintenance of power systems, this program takes a broad-based training approach to preparing students for employment in the electrical industry.

Through hands-on training and classroom instruction, students learn the electrical trade practices used in residential, commercial and industrial fields and all in accordance with the national electrical code. Specialty areas including the installation of high voltage lines and electrical distribution systems are also covered.

Prospective students should possess the ability to read and interpret technical data, manual dexterity, and the ability to work with a great deal of accuracy and precision.

Electrical Construction is NCCER (The National Center for Construction Education and Research) certified as well the instructor and the curriculum. NCCER is a national recognized certification in the construction trades. Students can gain certification at four levels. Please click the link below to get detailed information.  Click here for Electrical Construction’s Program Guide. – Coming Soon

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