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Counseling Tools

The following surveys and web-page links are used by the Fayette County Career & Technical Institute’s Counseling Office to ensure students gain the most from their education.  During different times of the year, students will be asked to complete different surveys, participate in online Holland Code Assessments, and be asked to explore career choices online.

This survey is used to gain insight on each individual student.  This provides the counselor with information about that particular student.  Students’ results are also made available to their instructors.

Acts as an active survey that allows consistency in career advisement.  This questionaire is used during senior meetings in addition to underclassmen career exploration inquiries.

Offered through the State of Pennsylvania’s Department of Education, PA Career Zone is a great, free way for students to prepare for life beyond high school.  Students can Explore their personality type by completing the PA Career Zone Holland Code Assessment.  Students can also explore careers by both Career Clusters and by their specific Holland Codes.  In addition, students can use the ‘Budget Your Life’function of the web-page to get an idea of what they can expect from life after graduation.

The United States Military provides this assessment for all high school students.  It is a different version of the Holland Code Assessment provided on PA Career Zone’s Website.  This brief survey assesses students’ Holland Code, allowing for further career exploration.  By making this survey digital, all CTI students’ results are saved here at the CTI for review and later use.

Before CTI Students graduate, they complete this survey.  Students are asked about plans post-graduation, whether it be continuing education, entering the workforce, or many times both.  Students are also asked for contact information so that students’ progress may be tracked.

The FCCTI is proud to offer dual enrollment courses that are directly connected to Penn College of Technology’s PCNow Program. If enrolled in the appropriate program, students can earn college credit in a CTI classroom. Speak to your counselor for more information.

Any student who intends to or is considering attending college next year is required to complete their FAFSA. This application allows students to quailify for grants and other assistance programs while attending a post-secondary institution.