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Learning Center (Resource Room)

The Learning Center is the only classroom at the Fayette County Career & Technical Institute that is utilized by every program. Our primary purpose is to provide assistance to all students and recognize that there are many students, for a variety of reasons, who are struggling  with their education.

Therefore, we believe it is important to address the needs of all students regardless of their educational status or designation.

The Learning Center is designed to provide as many different services to students of all abilities and needs. We recognize that some students may require additional assistance that can only be met thought taking them out of their regular education environment for remediation.

Students can expect to be provided with the following service in the learning center:

  • Adapted/modified course materials where appropriate.
  • Individual and/or small group instruction.
  • Preparation of study guides where appropriate.
  • Performance checklists summarizing wok habits and areas of concern.
  • Access to computers for remediation and a variety of vocational materials which aid in meeting their individual learning needs.
  • A facilitator and/or an instructional assistant who are available to assist students with hands-on assignments in the classroom/lab.
  • A room conducive to test taking or studying.
  • A facilitator and/or assistant who can discuss concerns, problems, and ideas.

As per the Internet Agreement Form, students are not to check e-mail, use Facebook, play games or visit a chat room or access websites that contain pornography, racism, sexism, illegal solicitation or vulgar/offensive language.